Modern Hairitage by Greg Gilmore
Modern Hairitage by Greg Gilmore


If not scheduling a consultation ( highly suggested) , a photo of your hair in it's current state will be required to send via email or text. 




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" I work with people one on one  to make sure they are educated on how to properly maintain their hair, while also sustaining a positive outlook on embracing their true selves. My specialty is working with client's real hair and their mind's perspectives. Not only am I making sure their Hair finds it's most healthiest state, I also help client's to sustain a proper understanding of the psychology behind their cut, and reassure that they're looking and feeling their best! 
Changing Hair into Art every week for over 15 years."     - G

Embrace a   New  U!         #TheGTouch

"When you look good you feel good, and when you feel good..... who knows what can happen " -G

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